It is thanks to the project realized in the French equivalent of 11th grade ( at the end of 2015, beginning of 2016) that I was able to learn how to use the Arduino environment, first of all by learning how to use an LED, a button, a servomotor, a potentiometer, the serial interface, etc…. I consider this project as the trigger for the beginning of a passion that I had not been able to pursue before. My role in the group was to create the system itself using the research done by the group, first in simulation (on the website), then to create it. As we can see above, various components were used (buttons, LEDs, LCD screen, servos,…) and the use of 2 Arduinos (communicating in I2C) seemed necessary to me at the time, not knowing that analog inputs could be used as digital inputs. Once the project was finished, I bought various electronic components and started writing a blog in French: “Le Journal d’un Arduinaute” on the website (you can learn more about this blog here).

Functional principle :

  • When an object enters, the sensor is closed closed (simulated here by a push button), the program then closes the entry to prevent several waste items from entering (messages are displayed at each step on the LCD screen).
  • A color sensor (simulated by a button) recognizes the color of the cup.
  • If it is a cup to be consigned, then a servo sends it in a bag, otherwise, it sends it to the other side where an electric actuator will compress it and another servo will send it in another bag.
  • We check that none of the bags are full and reopen the entrance, and so on.