During the final year of my bachelor’s, I have done an internship with the Tech4Gaia startup. I worked on the creation of a proof of concept to present during their fundraising campaign.

The goal of the internship was to create a system that share with the beekeeper the information concerning 3 hives :

  • Their position
  • Outside and inside temperature
  • Outside and inside humidity
  • The mass of the hive
  • The atmospheric pressure
  • The amount of a certain gas
  • The state of the fan (that activate if the hive is too hot)

All of this is transmitted on the LoRa network and sent to Cayenne where I displayed the data.

I choose all the components in this project based on the requirements discussed with my tutor :

  • Needs to communicate with the beekeeper via LoRa
  • One master hive where we connect the other hives
  • Detailed descriptions of the data we want to transmit

With that I created a prototype using breadboards and legos to keep everything in places :

When a part of the system was complete and tested, I added it to a KiCad schematic. This prototype was a proof of concept to present to potential investors, it completed its mission and someone took over from there.