After the tests concerning the Quadruped robot, we decided with the two administrators of the website to start writing an ebook about Arduino in French. The purpose of this ebook is to share all the knowledge necessary for a beginner to create a robot, such as those available in the shop. We, therefore, published the first chapter (a translation of the summary is available below) in October 2016. The second chapter was published the following summer and the rest is being written.

Here is an overview of the translated summary of the first chapter:

  • Preface
  • 1. Introduction to Arduino
  • 2. Choose the Arduino card adapted to your project
  • 3. Install and configure the Arduino IDE software
  • 4. Create your first Arduino program: Blink
  • 5. The serial link or how to communicate PC and Arduino card
  • 6. Flowcharts, loops, and conditions with Arduino.
  • 7. Install and use an Arduino library
  • 8. Some application cases
  • 9. Arduino Glossary