The second step of my entrepreneurial project (the first one being the writing of the first ebook), is the robotics101 blog (hosted first on the blockchain steem and then on the website). This blog allowed me to practice writing content aimed at a wider audience than the previous blog and both in French and in English.

I have learned a lot from this project. After joining the SteemSTEM community (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths), I was able to get a lot of feedback on my content and I joined the SteemSTEM mentoring team to help new members create content that respected the community’s guidelines (copyright, scientific method, and content popularization,…).

I was also able to participate in several meetings, including their first international meetup, which took place at CERN (in Geneva, Switzerland) in 2018. We were able to visit the particle accelerator by going down to the CMS ( Compact Muon Solenoid):

As well as the second meeting in Florence and Pisa in Italy to visit the VIRGO gravitational wave detector:

These 2 experiences allowed me to meet extraordinary people passionate about science, visit incredible scientific sites and improve my English.

SteemSTEM Badges

It was also during this meetup in September 2018, that I announced with the SteemSTEM team the electronic badges featuring the community’s logo, my first printed circuit board design project: